Digitization in times of disruption and uncertainty

The Swiss CyberHub strengthens and interconnects cybersecurity stakeholders, decision-makers and the public in Switzerland.

Swiss CyberHub

October 12 & 13, 2023, Forum Fribourg

Swiss CyberHub

Swiss CyberHub (CHub) 2023 offers the actors of digital mutation in Switzerland a privileged and neutral place of exchange, debate and discovery, as a hub where the problems are highlighted and solutions are offered. In particular, we expect politicians, large and small companies, experts, researchers and the general public who want to learn how to promote, among other things, cybersecurity at national and international levels. Creating awareness of global digital risks is one of the primes of the Swiss CyberHub. 

Powered by the foundation digiVolution the Swiss CyberHub will be the freely accessible national event, wich will be presented as an exhibition and forum. It will be organized by dV-Hub Ltd. founded by digiVolution and placed at the Forum Fribourg, which will be the national hub for digital mutation, cyber and security in 2023.

“We are convinced that an event like the one planned with the Swiss CyberHub is urgently needed to strengthen and close the ranks between Switzerland‘s cybersecurity players, decision-makers and the public. The Swiss CyberHub will be thematically broad and established as a free national platform where all key players from the federal government, cantons, municipalities, companies, education and research and the public will meet and work together.” 

Gérald Vernez, Director of dV-Hub and president of digiVolution

«Switzerland‘s cybersecurity players need a place to meet and exchange. All together. With the Swiss CyberHub, the cantons and municipalities will have a unique, freely accessible national meeting place, the aim of which is to ensure that every visitor leaves with as much knowledge as possible in his or her backpack.»

André Duvillard, Chairman of the advisory board of the digiVolution foundation and member of the management


Swiss CyberHub 2023 at the Forum Fribourg

Swiss CyberHub 2023 at the Forum Fribourg

In 2023, Fribourg will further establish itself as a national hub for digital mutation and cybersecurity. In a broad thematic format - including cybersecurity, which has become a brand of the Zähringerstadt - the digiVolution Foundation will realize the new Swiss...

Swiss CyberHub 2023 au Forum Fribourg

Swiss CyberHub 2023 au Forum Fribourg

En 2023, la ville de Fribourg renforcera son identité de carrefour de la mutation numérique et de la cybersécurité. Dans un large format thématique - dont la cybersécurité devenue marque de la cité des Zaehringen - la fondation digiVolution réalisera avec le nouveau...

Swiss CyberHub 2023 im Forum Fribourg

Swiss CyberHub 2023 im Forum Fribourg

Die Zähringerstadt Freiburg wird sich 2023 weiter als nationale Drehscheibe für die digitale Mutation und Cybersicherheit etablieren. Die Stiftung digiVolution wird in einem breiten Themenformat - darunter die zu einer Marke der Zähringerstadt gewordene...


The organization team is committed to
  • clear leadership one head, one area, and one mission;
  • a professional team whose members share an ideal;
  • being innovative, effective and efficient;
  • a performance that is in line with digiVolution’s goals and the expectations of the sponsors and partners.

Gérald Vernez

Director, Head of Conference & Strategy

Carlo Fachini

Vice-director, Head of Sales & Operations

Eva Gallaz

Exhibition Manager

Reiny Schnyder

Head of Communication & Brand Management

Jeannie Cointre

Public Relations & Strategic Partnerships

Frank Verstraeten

Conference Manager

Sébastien Fanti

Legal Adviser