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Closer to the companies and the population!

A thorough assessment of the needs of Swiss stakeholders facing the challenges of digital transformation, the growing trend towards a poly-crisis, and the inflationary staging of cyber events in the fall have led the digiVolution Foundation Board and the Swiss CyberHub (CHub) project management to rethink the format of the event. The revised project is designed to get closer to businesses and people across Switzerland and to reinforce the ongoing efforts already underway with dedicated events throughout the year. In this way, the CHub will better meet the goals of the Foundation and the spirit of the Federal Council’s new cyber strategy.

digiVolution is first and foremost an observatory. Its vision and mission are the anticipation and management of digital transformation risks. “We holistically measure and analyze global and national developments and advise decision-makers in business, politics, administration, education and research,” emphasizes digiVolution President Gérald Vernez. “Just three weeks ago, we enthusiastically announced the program and guiding themes of Swiss CyberHub 23. The general development of the last few weeks has now prompted us to conduct a thorough review and align ourselves closer to the objectives of the Foundation, instead of focusing on large, one-off events.”

A poly-crisis with major risks

We find that tensions in geopolitics, finance, energy, society, and the economy are constantly multiplying. We are confronted with a poly-crisis in which forecasts beyond six months are not very meaningful and even risky. The analysis of recent events to which digiVolution has contributed in Switzerland and abroad also shows a significant change in the needs of public and private decision-makers. The model of isolated major events attended primarily by an expert audience – especially when clustered over two months in the fall – does not meet the goal of broad awareness among these stakeholders of the risks of digital mutation.

Since its inception, digiVolution has steered towards working for the common good of the Swiss people throughout the year. Accordingly, we have decided to redefine our presence strategy and steer it in a direction more in line with the Foundation’s goals. The workshops scheduled for October 11, 2023 will be reorganized. On the other hand, the event of October 12 and 13 in Fribourg will be cancelled, redesigned and realized in a new format. It is our goal to announce the new concept by the summer vacations.

For further information:

Gérald Vernez, President and Director of the digiVolution Foundation

+41 79 211 62 06